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Introducing MAAT

A location built to get you feeling great.

A small training studio with all the facilities to get you in shape together with your trainer.

Introducing MAAT

Hi, I’m Hami

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

With a big passion for sports and helping people, becoming a FitCoach was the logical next step.

At first I did some coaching next to my job, but it didn't take long before I wanted more. I've always dreamed of having my own gym, a place where people could workout together and set new records. It was important to me that this would be a small place where I could give 100% attention to my clients.

I love seeing people make results, reach their goals and feel more energetic. That's the energy that gets me out of bed every morning, ready to take that extra step.


Hi, I’m Gigi

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

I have been playing basketball since I was a kid and I've always been passionate about sports and physical activity, that's why I started my studies in 2013 and through these years I earned a bachelor degree in Sport Sciences in Rome, a master degree in Personal Training in Madrid, and many certifications, such as NSCA CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), NSCA CSCS (Certified Strenght and Conditioning Specialist), ISAK Anthropometrist, Basketball and Padel strenght and conditioning coach, suspension traning etc..


When I got back from Madrid, 5 year ago, I started building up my experience especially as a personal trainer, focusing on health issues, improvement of pathological conditions and fat loss.

I have collaborated with basketball, Padel and Futsal clubs where I have been taking care of the strength and conditioning training of the athletes through group workouts. 


My main drive is to spread as far and wide as possible the potential that well-crafted physical activity has to better health issues without necessarily resorting to pharmaceutical therapies, physiotherapies or surgery.

Personal and Duo Training


We start with an intake in which we'll talk about your goals, what you're looking for and how we're going to get there.

Whether you want to loose weight, get fitter or stronger: every workout will be specifically tailored to your goals.​ We will motivate, guide and help you towards your goals.

New habits:

Getting fit is way more than what you do inside the gym. You'll be creating your own healthy lifestyle.

Group Workouts!

Funcional Fitness:

A mixture of different kinds of functional fitness. From traditional weightlifting to CrossFit, and from Calisthenics up till Olympic lifting.

Everything we do is with our goal in mind: Look good, Feel Good, Move Well. From building muscle, losing weight to toning up our bodies.

For who?

Anybody! Every exercise can be modified to fit your level, but this does not mean it will be easy! We train with the motivation of a group but each person at their own level. Together we push our boundaries.

Take the step towards feeling great!

Plans and prices

Personal Training:

1x per week: €40

2x per week: €75

3x per week: €100

- Price per Week

- Personalised Training

- Guidance in Nutrition

- Tracking of Progress

DUO Training

1x per week: €55

2x per week: €90

3x per week: €120

- Price per Week

- Together with a friend/partner

- Personalised Training

- Guidance in Nutrition

- Tracking of Progress

Group Workouts

Monthly: €89

- Price per Month

Book your free try out:

Or call:
+34 648865634

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I enjoyed the workouts with Hami during these last five months! Workouts were never boring and always different day by day! I really appreciated the time spent working out.

Simona Mazzarino


I really liked the workouts as there were various times a week you could go there! Also, Hami always motivates you which makes the exercises extra effective 💪

Julia van der Moore


Hami takes his time to understand your goals and helps you works towards them. Workouts are fun, challenging, and constructed with those goals in mind. Very good gym!

Jonas Busschop


I trained with Hami during my erasmus semester in Valencia and I enjoyed it a lot. The trainings give you the possibility to train at your own level, while Hami always tries to push the best out of you and supports you. The training atmosphere always made me feel good.

Nina Groll


Hamis workouts are amazing! It was fun, yet challenging and you could always choose your own difficulty - so it is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced people. I can highly recommend his workouts to anyone 💪🏼

Kirsten Sophie

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